Hope and change, Bolton style

This came through the letterbox yesterday:


There is much amusement to be found in this leaflet, from the black-on-dark-green text to the ingenious new abbreviation for litre, ‘lr’. Who is it published by? Surely a link to a website, an email address or god forbid a Facebook page would make sense for some sort of campaign in this day and age? A look at the bottom [which is difficult to see because of the shit picture I took] and all is clear:

“What can you do about this change?

Nothing because you live in Bolton”

The campaign has been abandoned already and this leaflet is just to let everybody know.

Woodgate Reserve West Country Vintage 2014

Found this in Lidl this evening. £1.49/568ml, 7.3% ABV. A bit sweet for my liking, bears more than a passing resemblance to Henry Westons Vintage, although about 1% less ABV. Much nicer than their regular cider which seems to have gone off the boil (in my opinion) since a recent packaging change, although it could be my imagination.


3.5 out of 5? Doesn’t sound particularly enthusiastic, but then I’m a hard man to please. I will probably end up buying it again.

Been a while…

It’s certainly been a long time since I updated this page.

Here are some things I’ve added to the gallery in the past three years: