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Security features of current UK bank notes

Bank note security has been taken to the very limits of affordable technology with the most recent issues of several UK bank notes from the Bank Of England. They feature several strategies to defeat the would-be counterfeiter.
These include:

Future strategies

The battle against counterfeiters is something of an un-winnable war; all a counterfeiter needs to do is achieve "good enough" quality to fool just one person, and they've won. Every day, the security techniques used to try and thwart counterfeiters come one step closer to being available "off-the-shelf" to the general public. The most that issuing authorities can hope for is to stay a few steps ahead of the large-scale counterfeiter, and make sure that the barriers to entry are high enough to keep out the nuisance counterfeiter.
The problem is that in order for something to be used an everyday authentication method by those responsible for handling money day in, day out, the technology to detect it has to be freely available and easily mass produced; it's no good having an authentication method that only the Bank of England can use. Unfortunately, this inevitably means that the technology used to produce it is freely available and easily mass produced. Technologies to look out for in the future include RFID, iridescent inks and polymer notes instead of paper.